Frequently Asked Questions  
1. How many scholarships are available?
     Up to Two each year.

2. What's the application deadline?
     April 15.
     (Airmail may take up to 15 days and DHL/FedEx may take up to 5 days for delivery) It is your responsibility to make sure that your application package reach the Foundation by the April 15 deadline.

3 What's the scholarship amount?
     The scholarship is a one time award of US $5,000.00 each.

4. When will I be notified if my application is selected as potential recipient?
     If you are selected as a potential recipient you will be notified via email by early July.

5. When will recipients be notified?
     Recipients will be notified around late-July or early August via email and accept award via email reply.

6. Are there any restrictions?
     Yes. Applicant must be a Hong Kong high school graduate. Recipients must be full time students and live in university/college dormitory.

7. I am going to graduate school. Am I eligible?
     Graduate school students may be considered for this scholarship (preference will be given to undergraduate freshmen).

8. I've included my essay as an attachment. Why didn't it print when I print the completed Application Form?
     You have to print it separately using the software you used to create the file.

9. Is the GET scholarship renewable for subsequent years?
     The scholarship is a one time award and not renewable.

10. Is there any minimum or max length for the essay?
     No, the length of the essay should be adequate to fully explore the topic.

11. How will the Foundation commuicate with applicants?
     The Foundation will communicate with applicants via email using email address on the application form.